Hyatt Legal Plans is now MetLife Legal Plans!

CLEVELAND, February 4, 2020 – We are excited to announce that Hyatt Legal Plans is now MetLife Legal Plans. The change is meant to reflect our strong relationship with MetLife and will allow us to present a more consistent brand in the marketplace. MetLife Legal Plans will remain a wholly-owned subsidiary of MetLife.

Hyatt Legal Plans was founded in 1977 to make legal services affordable and accessible for all Americans. The first group legal plan sponsors included American Express, and Deere, companies that continue to include the legal plan as part of their employee benefit offerings. In 1997, Hyatt Legal Plans was acquired by MetLife and since then has grown to become the largest group legal plan provider in the U.S.

“We are excited to announce this name change to align ourselves better with the MetLife brand and provide a more seamless brand experience for our members,” says Ingrid Tolentino, CEO of MetLife Legal Plans. “We have become the largest group legal plan provider in the U.S. because we are a part of the MetLife portfolio of products, so this change is reflective of our place in the MetLife family.”

Also new for 2020

Along with the name change for 2020, we have also added two new coverages to our legal plan. Available for new sales, the legal plan now provides coverage for reproductive law assistance as well as provides four hours of attorney services for non-covered matters (as long as they are not excluded).

Our reproductive assistance law covers members for the first twenty hours of legal services and court work related to reproductive assistance matters, including surrogacy, egg donation, sperm donation, gamete donation, embryo donation and embryo adoption.1

Also coming in 2020 — a new website! Look out for changes this summer that will improve the experience on our website.

About MetLife Legal Plans

MetLife Legal Plans, formerly known as Hyatt Legal Plans, helps Americans address important life issues through legal services plans. The company provides access to the most commonly needed legal services to over four million Americans nationwide through its network of over 17,500 licensed attorneys and its award-winning client service by phone or online. For more information, visit

1 As permitted by law. Reproductive laws vary by state.