Top legal issues for college students

The end of summer means back to school time and for many young adults – the start of college. This new stage of life brings many new decisions and life events – moving into an apartment or dorm, taking out a student loan and dealing with adult issues like landlords and traffic tickets.

Some of these events also bring with them legal implications. Individuals with access to a legal plan can get help for their child for a wide range of legal issues that may arise during their college years and beyond.

Rental Issues

Moving into an apartment is a common experience for many college students. As a renter, your child may run into issues with rental agreements or security deposits. A legal plan can provide assistance should your child need an attorney to review a contract or contact a landlord about an issue regarding the property or a security deposit.

Traffic Tickets

Did you know young drivers are three times more likely to see their insurance premiums increase as the result of one ticket?[1] Should your child receive a traffic ticket, you can consult with an attorney who can explain the charges and options available and guide you through the appropriate actions to properly resolve the matter. If you decide to contest the violation, the attorney can represent your child in court.

Debt Issues

College is also many young adults first introduction into the world of credit cards and debt. From signing up for credit cards to taking out a student loan, many college-aged students may not be prepared for the responsibilities involved in taking on debt. A legal plan gives you access to attorneys that can assist if your child gets in over his head and the creditors come knocking.

ID Theft

According to a report released by Javelin Research, students are the least likely age group to detect identity fraud[2]. The report found that 22% of students were notified that they were a victim of identity fraud either by a debt collector or when they were denied credit, rather than discovering the fraud on their own, three times higher than average fraud victims. With identity theft on the rise each year, access to attorneys that can assist with identity theft defense and prevention is a key benefit.

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