Real member story: traffic ticket defense for a teen child

The legal plan covers members for many common personal legal issues they face throughout their life.  But did you know the plan also provides coverage for dependent children? For parents dealing with new teen drivers or sending kids off to college, the legal plan can be an invaluable resource to help navigate traffic violations, rental issues and debt collection matters for their child.

We receive feedback from our members regularly about the ways in which the legal plan has helped them with events in their life. Here is one story we received from a legal plan member about how an attorney helped her and her daughter fight a traffic ticket.

“[The network attorney we chose] was an excellent choice to handle my daughter’s traffic violation. The situation was overwhelming (multiple violations plus no proof of insurance). Our attorney was highly engaged with us throughout the entire process. He was determined to make sure every detail was taken care of, sharing information with us along the way. He went out of his way to have conversations with the prosecutor, the judge and even the court clerks. He made sure we were informed and making the right choices to result in the best possible outcome. Even after the fact he confirmed with the court that the case was truly dismissed, and emailed the proof to us, saving us another trip down to the courthouse. Having [the network attorney] as our attorney was the most pleasant experience I’ve had in dealing with the law, and he has my wholehearted recommendation.”

-Plan member in Texas

1. Example based on the average amount of hours it would take, using the average hourly rate of $338.00/hour based on years of legal experience, National Law Journal and ALM Legal Intelligence, Survey of Law Firm Economics (2016).

2. Rates may vary. This cost is based on an average monthly rate of $18.