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Members tell us they are happy with the coverage our group legal plans provide and praise us for the fine service they receive through our attorney network. Frequently, we receive emails and letters letting us know how helpful our attorneys and Client Service Representatives are.

I am happy that Hyatt Legal Plans has such good attorneys. My attorney worked long hours to get the great result and we were very pleased with her services. She was a “Johnny on the spot” for us. Since we are out of state, it was most helpful to have someone advocating for us in Florida. We feel blessed by our Attorney’s great representation of our cases and recommend her for legal services. She is an excellent attorney.

Timothy T., Plan Member in Illinois

Just knowing that [the attorney] was going to be there and able to assist me and walk me through the process was stress-free.

Deisy R., Plan Member in Forest Hills, NY

I had the pleasure of using the legal plan for my divorce proceedings. The attorney who handled my case did a phenomenal job representing me. She operated with a sense of urgency, and her communications were clear and concise. She also had the appropriate level of professionalism that allowed my case to run both quickly and smoothly. I would highly recommend her services.

Leslie C., Plan Member in Georgia

My spouse and I decided it was time to do our estate planning. Our attorney in San Francisco made the process easy. He listened to us, what we wanted and made great recommendations on how we can best plan for the future. He explained in simple language all the documents that we were signing. We would recommend him for estate planning needs.

Plan Member in San Francisco, CA

Working with the general public on a daily basis, I understand how important it is to have great customer service. I was really impressed with…how friendly the agent I was speaking with was.

Jeanette B., Plan Member in Cleveland, OH

After moving out of an apartment with time left on the lease, the apartment management tried to say we broke the lease, even though we continued to pay rent. My attorney successfully represented us in court, establishing a new precedent definition of “constructive eviction” in New Jersey law. I could not have brought the action myself, and his professionalism and expertise was very impressive. I was extremely fortunate to have been a member of Hyatt Legal Plan when this unexpected situation arose.

Michael L., Plan Member in New Jersey

My mother passed away recently leaving many issues with her estate. I contacted Hyatt Legal Plans and was provided a list of attorneys in my area to help my sister and me through a complex process. After review, I chose an attorney in Worcester, Mass. I want to thank you for including this attorney in your program. The attorney was more than my sister and I could ever have expected. He was responsive, patient and brilliant in his expertise of law. Not only did he have excellent presentation skills, but he also had excellent people skills. I would not hesitate to refer anyone to him for any legal needs or requirements. Thank you again for having this firm as part of your service.

Diane R., Plan Member in North Grafton, MA

I have been a plan member for 7 plus years. My attorney did an excellent job. Over the years, he has helped me, no matter what the situation was. My calls are always answered. To this day, he is still helping on a current housing matter. My wife hired him for an auto accident years ago that was the other driver’s fault. My attorney gives 100%!

Thomas A., Plan Member in Enfield, CT

My attorney took the time to listen and immediately gave me relief saying she would take my case at such short notice. She was professional and strongly advocated for me until the last minute. She didn’t back down at all. It was like she was just as hurt and offended as I was. My sister and I just watch her in amazement. She is hired for life! Still in awe at how well she handled my case from start to finish!

Tennille R., Plan Member in Mableton, GA

My attorney’s responsiveness was second-to-none. The day after I reached out to him, he represented me at my scheduled court appearance, in my absence, and handled all the legalese with the court and prosecutor. All of this for under $20 a month? Wow!

Through his hard work, he was able to get my criminal traffic charge dismissed. After I attend traffic school, the charge will become forever invisible to the rate hike wizards who sit at the helm of my auto insurance company waiting for any excuse to increase my premiums. My attorney was kind, generous with his time and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him for any legal matter. I sleep better knowing that at least one of my paycheck deductions, the Hyatt Legal Plan, is worth the money!

Jessica M., Plan Member in Tempe, AZ

I have been a member of the Hyatt Legal Plan for several years through my employer. During this time, I have used the services of the plan on many occasions. I had the pleasure of meeting an attorney from Salt Lake City. It became standard procedure to request him when contacting the plan for assistance. He is a true credit to his profession. He outshines any attorney that I have known or employed in my experiences.

Marcus M., Plan Member in Tooele, UT

The Hyatt Legal Plan is a blessing. Without this plan, I wouldn’t have gotten any issues resolved. It is great to have a great plan on your side.

Chimere T., Plan Member in Cleveland, OH

Hyatt provided me with a great attorney that has helped me tremendously with my divorce. Though it has been a long and difficult process, my attorney has helped me make very good progress and made this ordeal a lot easier for me. Thanks Hyatt, for providing me with an excellent attorney.

Allan S., Plan Member in Yeardon, PA

I wanted to tell you how happy I am with the legal plan and especially the attorney I am working with. When the opportunity came up to sign up for MetLaw at work, I did so. I checked the list of participating attorneys in the area and found her name. After checking with some colleagues who were very complimentary, we set up an appointment for wills, living wills, powers of attorney, etc. She is a terrific attorney and we could not be happier with her work. It seems that people only take the time to complain about things. Well, I’m taking the time to let you know how pleased we are.

Marty C., Plan Member in New Carlisle, OH

I received a traffic ticket in the mail (was caught on camera). I have never received a ticket in my life and I am 60 years old. I panicked and called my plan attorney’s office and was given his cell phone number. That right there stunned me. I proceeded to call him, left a message and 10 minutes later, he called back. He took care of the entire deal for me. He is an extremely caring and professional individual. Thank you, you saved my life.

Olivia H., Plan Member in Homestead, FL

I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that my first experience with Hyatt Legal was awesome and I am just upset I didn’t enroll in this sooner. The attorney was outstanding and helped me to resolve my issue WAY better than I expected. Perfect experience from head-to-toe and the attorney did a fantastic job. She is going to help me with some other issues that I need to address and I look forward to working with her and Hyatt Legal Plans in the near future.

Mike S., Plan Member in Atlanta, GA

The Hyatt legal plan allowed me and my husband to establish a will (after procrastinating for 5 years). We now have more comfort knowing our four year old son will be taken care of if something were to happen to us. I was also able to execute a power of attorney for my dad who was 81 years old at the time, which saved my family a lot of headache when he passed unexpectedly at 82. This is a great plan and I encourage all employees to participate.

Marie M., Plan Member in Randolph, MA

I received excellent customer service from your call center representative. This type of service is one of the main reasons I love Hyatt Legal!

Lorraine O., Plan Member in New York, NY

This past year my husband and I decided it was time to set up a will and trust. The law firm that handled the paperwork for my husband and me was great. I would guess that we received a couple thousand dollars worth of attorney fees and legal paperwork. We paid zero. If you think you are going to need any legal service at all, it is worth it. Lawyers are expensive.

Linda P., Plan Member in Merritt Island, FL

My attorney kept me up to date throughout the entire process, and Hyatt’s customer service reps were always helpful. I’ll keep the legal plan as long as my employer continues to offer it.

Lavelle N., Plan Member in Cleveland, OH

My attorney was extremely thorough, professional and knowledgeable. He explained every aspect of the estate planning process to me. I think the legal plan is a great benefit and would recommend my attorney to anyone needing legal services.

Carol C., Plan Member in Cleveland, OH

I’ve been very pleased with the plan. I can now comfortably contact an attorney whenever I have pending legal issues…This is a very nice benefit that I was thrilled to take part in. Overall I couldn’t be happier with this benefit. The price is reasonable, the service exceptional and the scope of coverage is just about perfect for me.

John S., Plan Member in Chula Vista, CA

I was very impressed with the law firm. They were competent, knowledgeable, easy to work with and down to earth. No question was too small, and I got all the attention a customer could ask for.

John S., Plan Member in Windsor, CT

I greatly appreciated the guidance and assistance of my attorney throughout the upsetting Internet scam I was a victim of.

Patti S., Plan Member in Sacramento, CA

Thanks to my attorney, the debt lawsuit against my husband has been dropped. I am extremely pleased, as this was a very stressful situation. I think this legal plan is the best!

Barbara W., Plan Member in McArthur, CA

I have been WOWed by Hyatt Legal Plans. Their customer service line and the caliber of the attorney they referred me to is outstanding.

Mariann P., Plan Member in Ocean City, NJ

I used my legal plan for an estate planning matter. The service I received from my attorney was wonderful. There was no rush to get this plan done, all questions were answered. The actual documents I received were bound and numbered with a table of contents. I can’t thank my attorney enough for what she did and I believe you should be aware of this. Thank you.

William R., Plan Member in Las Vegas, NV

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