Legal Plan Assistance for Dealing with a Natural Disaster

Our thoughts are with all of those impacted by recent hurricanes. We know that dealing with the aftermath of a natural disaster is a stressful and difficult time. There are so many details to handle if your home or apartment is damaged or you lose important personal documents to a flood or other property damage.

Legal assistance can be beneficial to help you get back on your feet and get answers to questions. The legal plan provides assistance for many issues you may face in the wake of a natural disaster:

Reviewing documents related to federal aid and insurance claims

There are so many forms to fill out if you have property damage due to a hurricane or other disaster. Legal plan members can meet with an attorney to review the documents and provide guidance.

Providing assistance with identity theft issues due to lost personal documents  

Legal plan members can meet with attorneys to discuss what to do if they’ve lost any personal documents such as birth certificates, social security cards or healthcare documents, due to damage or flooding. It’s important to discuss what steps to take after losing these documents to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft.

Providing legal help for renters or home owners related to damaged property

When properties are damaged due to a natural disaster there often isn’t a home or apartment to go back to. An attorney can discuss your legal options as a homeowner or renter to make sure that avoid issues with your landlord or with your mortgage.

Dealing with creditors and bill collectors

It’s not uncommon for victims of a natural disaster to have to deal with debt collectors and creditors after losing track of mortgage payments or having difficulties paying bills. An attorney can help you contact creditors and make a plan for dealing with mortgage, rent or other payments if you face financial issues after a natural disaster.

Members can reach us at 800-821-6400 to get connected to an attorney or visit our member website at to find an attorney near them. Members can also use our Attorney E-Panel to contact attorneys online and get answers to legal questions.