Facebook Data Breach: What to do

Last week Facebook announced that there was an attack on its computer network that potentially exposed the personal data of nearly 50 million users. The attackers took advantage of a vulnerability in Facebook’s “View As” feature that allows users to see what their profile looks like to someone else. By gaining access to this feature, hackers were able to steal access tokens which they could use to take over accounts and gain access to personal information and other apps.

If you were logged out of your account last week, there’s a good chance you were a victim of this attack. Facebook reset the accounts of the 50 million users they know were affected to protect their privacy. If you were logged out of your account last week, or even if you weren’t, here are a couple of tips from CyberScout, our identity theft partner, on dealing with this breach:

  1. Log on to your Facebook account. You may have been logged out. If you are, don’t panic. Users were logged off by Facebook as a precautionary measure given the nature of the attack.
  2. Make sure nothing has been altered on your Facebook account. Check your timeline, your outgoing messages, and recent activity.
  3. Whether or not you have been logged out by Facebook, it is imperative that you create a new password for your Facebook account.
  4. Activate two-factor authentication

Any user whose account may have been breached is at a greater risk for identity theft and other cybercrimes.  If you have any questions about this breach, or other identity theft issues, your legal plan can help. Log into your account at www.members.legalplans.com, to view identity theft tips or find an attorney who can answer questions about ID theft related issues.