Customized Legal Plan

Our customized personal legal plans are an easy-to-administer benefit that provide your employees with convenient, professional legal counsel at virtually no cost to the employer. For organizations with more than 3,000 benefit-eligible employees, a custom group legal insurance plan can be designed for your organization. MetLife Legal Plans works with HR and benefits staff to find a solution that meets your employees’ needs.

Custom legal insurance plans provide fully covered legal advice and representation for personal legal matters (employment and business related matters are excluded from coverage).

Your organization’s custom legal insurance plan may include a combination of these legal services:

  • General Phone Advice & Office Consultations
  • Wills and Estate Planning
  • Document Review and Preparation
  • Home and Real Estate Matters
  • Debt and Identity Theft Matters
  • Defense of Civil Lawsuits
  • Traffic Defense
  • Juvenile Court Matters
  • Family Law
  • Elder-Care

Why legal plans are a unique employee benefit:

  • Everyone needs legal guidance from time to time.
  • Employees with a personal legal plan can meet anytime with local Network Attorneys to take care of legal matters.
  • It’s a time-proven benefit for many large companies – American Express,  PepsiCo, Sprint and FedEx have offered legal insurance plans for years.
  • Employees may select from a nationwide Attorney Network, or any attorney of their choice.1
  • Offering unique employee benefits can help recruit and retain valuable employees and enhances the competitiveness of your benefits plan.
  • Enrollment tends to grow yearly as satisfied employees discuss the benefit with co-workers.
  • Includes unlimited access to attorneys and is very easy for employees to use. No waiting periods, co-pays or hour limits when using a Network Attorney.

Consultants, HR and benefits professionals: please contact a Regional Manager directly for information on a custom plan. You can also request a proposal here.

1 If services are provided by an out-of-network attorney, the participant is responsible for paying the difference between the reimbursement amount and the attorney’s charge for the services. To obtain a copy of the out-of-network fee reimbursement schedule, call the Client Service Center at 800-821-6400.

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