Attorney Spotlight: Lonnie Eliason

Hyatt Legal Plans Attorney Spotlight: Meet Lonnie Eliason

Salt Lake City, Utah-based Network Attorney Lonnie Eliason has been practicing law for over 33 years and has been in the Hyatt network for 28 years. Lonnie operates a general practice law firm, handling family law (divorce, adoption, guardianship) as well as consumer law and estate planning. An active member of his church and local bar community, Lonnie has also received the Martendale client distinction award and is a 20-year supervisor of the Utah State Bar Examiners committee. Read on to learn more about Lonnie in this month’s Attorney Spotlight:

Why did you join the Hyatt Network?   

After starting my law career in a large “downtown” firm, I wanted to break away and start my own general practice firm – which I did in 1990.  Partnering with Hyatt gave me an opportunity to meet new clients and provided a great foundation to my current vibrant and successful present law practice.

What advice do you have for clients for finding the right lawyer for their situation?

First, Hyatt’s Attorney Panel Representatives and Managing attorneys do a great job in vetting out lawyers. They make it clear to participating attorneys that the individual client is of primary importance. I’m always happy when a consumer-oriented client calls me to interview about my abilities and specialties prior to hiring me.

What’s something people might not know they can do with a legal plan?

I love telling Hyatt clients that they won’t be paying me anything! Many consumers are nervous about being in a law office for the first time. I try to treat every client with respect, kindness and solid legal representation.  Hyatt is a win for the client and a win for the attorney as well.  Many individuals don’t have pristine credit; and have a few creditors they would like to get a handle on.  Hyatt provides the opportunity to negotiate that debt to a fraction of the original amount, and in doing so increase individual credit scores.  It’s great to see a client able to finally buy a home after renting for years.

What’s a typical day like?  

I attend a boot camp exercise class three mornings a week. After that I generally have court hearings in the mornings and spend the afternoons responding to messages, emails, meeting clients and drafting documents.  I love the practice of law!

How do you like to spend your time outside of work? Any hobbies?

I have a great wife and four awesome adult kids.  I especially love spending time with my new grandson.  I live only 20 minutes from the three top ski resorts in North America, but have never strapped on a pair of skis.  Go figure?  When I have time, you’ll find me on a golf course or watching College Football or Utah Jazz basketball.

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