Attorney Spotlight: John Perches

Meet John Perches!

John Perches, a network attorney since 2012, has been practicing law for 25 years focusing on estate planning and probate. A University of Texas law school graduate, John has been selected to the Texas Super Lawyers list for the last three years. The Super Lawyers List is an honor reserved for those lawyers who exhibit excellence in practice, with only 5% of lawyers in Texas making the list.

His law firm Wadler, Perches, Hundl & Kerlick has five locations in the greater Houston area.

Read on to learn more about John in this month’s Attorney Spotlight:

Why did you join the Hyatt Network?  

I joined the legal plan network because I was looking for ways to grow my practice.  Hyatt Legal not just provided me with cases, but most importantly, with clients, many with whom I have been able to enjoy and maintain long-standing relationships. 

What advice do you have for clients for finding the right lawyer for their situation? 

Do your research.  The internet is loaded with resources to help you determine what others think of and are saying about the lawyers you are considering hiring.

What’s something people might not know they can do with a legal plan? 

The most basic benefit of legal plans is estate planning—something most people know they should do, but that many neglect.  It is a simple process that once done, gives clients peace of mind in knowing that they have a plan in place to assist their loved ones in dealing with their death or incapacity.

What is the most fulfilling part of your job? 

I enjoy being able to visit with clients and collaborate on finding solutions for their legal needs.  Hyatt Legal members are great to work with, which makes things even more enjoyable for me.

How do you like to spend your time outside of work? Any hobbies? 

I enjoy traveling, long-distance cycling, golf, and anything that lets me spend quality time with my three children. 

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