Maximizing Voluntary Benefit Enrollment Rates

Our team of account managers has extensive experience implementing new legal plans and is ready to assist your benefits staff through all phases of implementation. Our objective is to help you achieve the highest legal plan enrollment rates possible.

Through 40 years of experience with large, national legal plan administration, we’ve developed the following model of best practices for achieving maximum enrollment (On Core Ballot), which results in average enrollment rates of 11.8% or better:

Best Practice (On Core Ballot)Why it Works
Employer makes the offer and integrates the legal plan into the flexible voluntary benefits program.Employees view the legal plan as a valuable employee benefit and trust their employer's decision to offer it.
Company conducts enrollment.Employees enroll with their employer for all voluntary benefits at the same time. No need to enroll elsewhere for the legal plan.
Employer offers the legal plan annually. Allow enrolled employees to stay in the plan without having to take any action.Employees are reminded each year of the opportunity and have a chance to enroll if they didn't last year. Allowing enrolled employees to stay in the plan without having to re-enroll is effective.
Communications are distributed by the company.Employees will read materials from the employer, especially when included with the employer's benefits workbook.
Employer supports the legal plan.When the company recognizes the value of the legal plan, so do employees.

When these tactics are executed as part of a unified strategy, employees will have a better understanding of the legal plan’s value, appreciate it as part of their benefit package and seriously consider enrolling in the plan.

Alternatively, when other methods are utilized and the employer does not integrate the legal plan into enrollment with other voluntary benefits, enrollment rates may be as low as 5%, as demonstrated in the chart below.

Enrollment Results for Legal Plans January 2019

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