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Without a will, you have no control over what happens to your family and your belongings when you die. State laws will direct how your property is divided and a court will decide who should become the guardian of your children.
However, by preparing a will and keeping it updated as your income or property changes, you can protect your family. An employee Group Legal Plan offers easy and affordable will preparation. Through your legal plan you can get expert legal assistance to ensure accurate, legitimate will preparation.Affordable will preparation

Benefits of will preparation

Creating a will is an essential part of making sure your family will be cared for after you pass. A will:

  • Ensures that your property will be distributed exactly as you wish.
  • Allows a larger portion of your property to go to those you designate, rather than to court fees and other expenses.
  • Can reduce the amount of taxes you pay.
  • Reduces the expenses associated with probating your estate.
  • Allows you to appoint a guardian of your choice for your children.
  • Allows you to appoint a trustee, if needed, to manage your property.

Our employee benefit services can help.

Will preparation is a common legal matter. When you enroll in our employee benefit services, you may have access to an attorney for creating and updating your will as often as you want without having to pay additional attorney fees when you use our national attorney network.

  • If your employer offers our legal plan as part of their employee benefit services, you can visit our legal plan resource center to learn more about coverage available when you enroll. (Your employer can provide the password needed to access this site.) If you are unsure whether your employer offers our legal plan, please contact your benefits or HR department to find out.
  • If you are a legal plan member, access your plan to review coverage.
  • You may also call the Client Service Center at 800-821-6400 for more information on covered services.

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This article is intended to provide you with general information. This article is not intended to provide, and should not be relied upon for, legal advice. If you require legal advice, please consult with your own attorney.

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