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Our national attorney network consists of more than 14,000 experienced lawyers who provide our services to plan members throughout the country. They strive to provide exceptional service to our plan members and appreciate the great service we offer them.

Read the Hyatt Legal Plan reviews below to see what our attorneys are saying.

Our success in settling my client’s case demonstrates the power of Hyatt Legal Plans, a MetLife company, and why it is such a benefit for attorneys to belong to a big, national legal plan with lots of clout…People know that Hyatt attorneys mean what they say and will prevail. That’s why Hyatt beats all of its competition hands down, and why plan members in other providers’ plans encourage their HR departments to switch to Hyatt. We won this case for the client when the other party realized the attorney fees are completely covered by Hyatt Legal Plans.

Forrest S. Freedman, Esq. in Fort Lauderdale, FL

I’ve been on the panel of Hyatt attorneys for nearly 20 years. I’m proud to provide the kind of quality, personal legal services which meet Hyatt’s high standards.

Joseph Helm, Esq. in Menomonee Falls, WI

We cherish our Hyatt clients.

Robert C. Bowman, Jr., Esq. in Sacramento, CA

Our law firm…has been participating as panel attorneys in excess of twenty years…We look forward to our continuing relationship with Hyatt.

Alan Dubow, Esq. in White Plains, NY

My firm has had the honor of being in the Hyatt network for well over 16 years. The promptness of your payments, the courtesy of staff and the quality of clients have really strengthened our small, five man firm.

George Laughrun, II, Esq. in Charlotte, NC

We truly appreciate the business that is sent to us from Hyatt. It is a privilege to be one of your plan attorneys.

Sabrina D. Priske, Esq. in Cocoa, FL

The employee comes in over their lunch hour in considerable mental distress. Then I tell them it will be handled competently, and that the problem is manageable. We then see the gratitude in the eyes of the employee-client as they head back to work with one less worry. It is good to know that employee won’t be distracted in her work by legal problems which can be handled and solved by a Hyatt lawyer.

Mike Wintering, Esq. in Columbus, OH

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