Our Group Legal Services are a No-Hassle Employee Benefit for your HR Administrator.

Hyatt makes it easy for employee benefits professionals to seamlessly add group legal services to your existing employee benefits plans. We provide a single point of contact to make the group legal insurance implementation process as simple as possible.

We also provide communication materials to explain legal service plans to employees, including text for email campaigns, an intranet link to our website, brochures, posters and videos.

Most employers simply add group legal insurance as an option on their employee benefits plan and then forward the file and payment to Hyatt monthly. It's just that easy.

Hyatt group legal insurance has been referred to as a “no noise” employee benefit because employees have access to all the information they need through our member website and Client Service Center, and do not need assistance from their HR administrator. Additionally, employee benefits professionals have told us they receive few to no complaints from employees about legal service plans. We encourage you to read what employers have to say in our Hyatt employer review section. You can also download an informative white paper on How Group Legal Services are Positively Impacting Physical & Financial Health.

Hyatt goes the extra mile to help implement your group legal insurance. We will:

  • Use your specific dependent definitions
  • Accommodate your payroll cycle
  • Provide helpful usage reports
  • Print brochures for you to distribute
  • Provide employees access to our toll-free Client Service Center for questions
  • Offer communication support and a complete marketing toolkit: newsletter articles, videos, posters,  intranet link, text for email campaigns
  • Provide Train the Trainer presentations

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